About me

My Story

During my childhood when we had access to mobile and applications, I always used to wonder how things are built. When I was caught doing Biology’s assignment in Physic’s class, my teacher asked if I was passionate about being a doctor. But I used to tell that I wanted to be CE (Computer Engineer) and build the applications that the world would love to use.

As I grew older, I thought how beautiful the world would be if the robots shown in the movies could be built in real life and used for helping human and perform tasks that need superpowers and lots of hard work. As we got to use the internet in our daily life and could search anything on the internet, I found myself more into internet than on books.

As I explored the internet and watched videos, I stumbled upon articles and videos of my interest which gave a shape to my dream. I want to build robots, unite humanity and robity for better and sustainable future of the omniverse.

What I can do for you

I develop software majorly focusing on Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning and Robotics). So I like to call myself Robotics Software Engineer.

I’m a Robotics Software Engineer

I have worked in various website development projects and got a pretty much good knowledge in this task. Websites help to grow business online and reach out their customers virtually in no time. Portfolio websites are best for showcasing one’s personality and skills. I am studying Robotics Software Engineering utilizing the open book we have got (the Internet).

I am a Social Worker

I work in couple of organizations like  Dynamic Youth Network Nepal, and WordPress Nepal for giving back to the community. I am looking forward to serving more in the future times through different kinds of organizations and communities worldwide.

I am a Public Speaker

I can assist in being Master of Ceremony (MC) in events. I can sing and engage in any other musical activities to make people feel welcomed. I love to share my experiences and story, make people smile with my words and make their day a good one.

Want to connect?

If you want to talk about the field I’m engaged in (software engineering, machine learning, robotics, technology or social working) or need any help, feel free to leave a message on my mail. I’d love to hear from you.

Organizations involved